Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spotlight On: Fine Arts Line

Creative Options is well known for our bright color palettes and playful patterns, but we also have a less-conspicuous side. Did you know that Creative Options offers products designed for fine arts enthusiasts and art students? Our Fine Arts line is defined by a neutral and professional color palette of natural, black, and platinum, making it perfect for any artist. From utilities to travel cases to tray boxes, our products are perfect for drawing, painting, sculpting and more. Each product is carefully designed for durability and function, with practical features like lift-out trays, adjustable compartments, secure latches and molded padlock tabs. Every case protects art supplies and allows for secure transportation.
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Adjustable utilities are ideal for storing and organizing charcoal and graphite pencils, erasers, sharpeners and blending stumps. Simply adjust the dividers to make the compartments the perfect length. Our utilities are available in three basic sizes: small (9.13 x 4.88”), medium (10.88 x 7.38”) and large (14.13 x 9.13”). We also offer deep versions of select utilities; these offer great storage options for paint tubes and brushes.

Our tray boxes offer both adjustable compartments to sort small parts and bulk storage in the base for larger items. They are perfect for organizing a wide assortment of tools and materials. We have two-tray and three-tray versions available in the Fine Arts line. Each box features a secure brass-bailed latch and a carrying handle for easy transportation. Molded padlock tabs give added security, making these a great option for bringing supplies to studios or classrooms.

One of our most popular items is the 1612 Artist Travel Case. This unique case features an extra deep storage compartment in its base and is well-suited for tall items, like tubes of paint or jars of glaze. You can store additional tools and brushes in the lift-out tray or the in-lid compartment. Our Grab ‘n’ Go Box also offers a bulk storage compartment with removable tray. It also includes one removable utility that can be stored in the lid. Both artist tool boxes are portable and secure, with brass-bailed latches and molded padlock tabs.

Our Fine Arts line offers great storage for professional and budding artists. The professional and timeless color palette is great for anyone. Whether you’ve got a few items to store or a collection to sort, we can help organize and protect your supplies so you have more time to create your next masterpiece!