Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Friday!

Some of you may know that May is National Photography Month, a time to celebrate photographers and the images that they capture. The art of photography is certainly something to celebrate. Our photographs are treasures; they preserve moments that we never want to forget, from family get-togethers to weddings to birthday celebrations and first days of school.

Many of us have stacks of photo albums or shoe boxes full of unframed portraits. I recently found some old photos that I had tucked away and completely forgotten. Although the images are from different years and places, I decided I wanted to display them together. I didn't feel that a traditional collage frame would be dramatic enough, so I started looking at craft projects.

And before long, this project from Martha Stewart's website caught my attention:

This is such a clever and creative way to display several photographs without buying a bunch of frames! I can't wait to try it!

Of course, photographs can be incorporated into many other crafts too... scrapbook pages, mixed media pieces, home-d├ęcor projects, and more. Celebrate National Photography Month by making your own craft project and show-off some of your favorite snapshots. :)

Happy crafting!
-the Creative Options team

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